Why I always don’t have time for me??

All of us have a common complaint when we want to add a good habit like exercise or reading or meditation in our daily routine.

But we have failed to get it done and we have a simple answer for it, you  guessed it correctly “I don’t have Time “

Have you ever thought what differentiates most people with the 1% who could get it done?

We all have 24 hours a day, no one can have an advantage over you on time.

It’s how efficient you are with your time that matters, the secret the elite 1% have is they Cut the unproductive habits or outsource unimportant work So they could concentrate more time on what’s important for them.

So find out what works can be outsourced so that you can free up your time and concentrate on the important things of your life.

Its as simple as that. “You don’t have to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results, you have to do simple things consistently over a long period of time”

Some of outsourcing service providers

YMMI will help you do all kind of basic services from delivering home utilities to bill payments..


Brickwork will help enterprises to outsource their jobs.


So let’s focus on how to efficiently utilize our time.




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